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I have always been "a writer," or I should say I've always thought of myself as one.  As a child I wrote stories and poems and diaries.  I dreamed, like so many writing teachers, of being a writer when I grew up.  As an adolescent I wrote, predictably, angst-filled poems and journals.   After that there were the papers and more papers for undergraduate and graduate coursework--and always the private journals and occasional poems.

Now, I find myself writing the necessary professional documents--many, many memos, reports, letters of reference, evaluations, etc.--and an occasional essay, children's story, poem.  I keep a journal.  The most satisfying writing I do has a limited audience: me, my friends, and my family.  I also enjoy writing essays along with the students in my classes.  Here are two of them:  "Why I Read" and "Lean Dogalong with an article I wrote years ago for WCC's newspaper, The Horizon, after the death of WCC student Krystal DeVries.

For the past 10 years, I have written presentations for the annual national conventions of the Conference on College Composition and Communication (CCCC).  Here are some of them.

2001: From Part-Time to Tenured Faculty at a Two-Year College: Entering the Conversation from the Margin
2002: Which Texts?  Which Streets?  Two-Year College Faculty and the 4Cs
2003: Going Public: A Writing Program in Revision

2005: Playing in the Center: Tutor as Renegade Rhetor
2009: Using Improv to Create Collaborative Space and Handout

I have also written an article about online writing centers at community colleges, published The OWL Construction and Maintenance Guide, on CD-ROM.

In 2008, I delivered the keynote address--“Writing Selves in the Center: Possibility, Play, and Potential Space”--for the annual conference of the Northern California Writing Centers Association, “Writing Selves in the Center: Possibility, Play, and Potential Space.”  This is my works cited list for that talk.

And I suppose I should not leave this out: I am the author of Whatcom Community College's Online Writing Center, published online in June 1999.


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