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English 201
Essays by students in the class
Whatcom's Online Writing Center

Blogs Open New Political Front an NPR story from Ari Shapiro, 24 November 2003

Writing and the Web
7th Graders and Technology in Maine, a recent article in Wired News
"Growing Up Digital" by John Seely Brown, in pdf format, with all charts and graphs
More from John Seely Brown from a 1999 speech (some overlap with article)

Writing Online from the Palm Beach Institute of Contemporary Art's archives, an exhibit about web-logs, "blogging"
d2r a web log by Diego Doval

Frequently Asked Questions About MOOs from Lambda MOO
A List of MOOs from somebody named Rachel!

Chatting on the Net from, information about Internet Relay Chat (IRC) and other chatting possibilities

Online Journals
KotaPress an online journal that includes poetry and art
Arts and Letters Daily news and reviews from The Chronicle of Higher Education
Salon an online magazine and more
The Book of Zines: Readings from the Fringe from Henry Holt and Company
Popmatters calls itself "the magazine of global culture"
Kairos an academic journal on rhetoric and technology

Other Courses and Articles of Interest
Style, Language, and Writing English 328 at Eastern Michigan University taught by Steve Krause, Fall 2001
Writing in the Disciplines with New Digital Media English 427/527 at Old Dominion University taught by Joel English, Summer 2002

10 Tips on Writing the Living Web from Mark Bernstein and A List Apart

The Politics of the Interface an article by Cynthia Selfe and Richard Selfe about the metaphors used in "electronic contact zones"

On Talk
"Jonein" listen to a news story by Katie Davis and National Public Radio
"Like" listen to a conversation between Muffy Siegel and NPR's Alex Chadwick

Pico Iyer
Interview, with Scott London for the radio series Insight & Outlook
Interview, Rolf Potts' Vagabonding: Travel Writers
Interview with David Weich at
"The Journey Home" an essay by Pico Iyer for Time Magazine

By Toby Sonneman
Works by Toby Sonneman, WCC faculty and writer, special speaker
About Toby's latest book


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