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English 101
Essays by English 101 students
Whatcom's Online Writing Center

Noah's painting

From Ying-Ju's project


Reading Images and Art
Whatcom Museum of History and Art
Nathan Sawaya: Lego Artist CNN Interview a link from Ying-Ju in our class (wait through the commercial, if you get one)
Microsoft Surface the new product Nancy Khoury mentioned during her presentation

Re-reading the Stories of Movies, TV, Videos
Joseph Campbell and Myths
Joseph Campbell on Wikipedia

Hip Hop Archive at Stanford
TV Guide Online
Over The Hedge the movie's web site

Viral Marketing
"Social Networks and Viral Marketing," 21 Apr. 2006, iMedia Connection
"2007: The Year Users Will Make Your Ads," Jan. 2007, iMedia Connection
"Viral Marketing," 2003, Part 1 and Part 2, iMedia Connection

"Consider Viral Marketing," Apr. 2003, iMedia Connection

Evaluating Internet Sources a handout from Purdue University's Online Writing Lab
Free Digital Literacy Courses from Microsoft

Popular Culture
Popular Culture: Resources for Critical Analysis materials and links from Washington State University's Program in American Studies
PopMatters a magazine of global culture

Sites of Interest
National Public Radio
Library of  Congress

Dave Matthews Band's "If I Had It All" song lyrics
Spearhead's "Hole in the Bucket" song lyrics
Eve's "Satisfaction" song lyrics
A Behind-the-Scenes Guide to the Things We Buy from the Worldwatch Institute

Merchants of Cool, from PBS

A History of Advertising from a site called History Matters, via Brandyn in our class
Three Appeals of Argument (I'm thinking of how they apply to advertising) from the University of Central Florida Writing Center

The Unofficial Calvin Klein Ads Archive a site recommended in Chapter 2 of Signs of Life (1980 Brooke Shields ads presented here)
More Calvin Klein Ads from a 1995 ad campaign

Adbusters site from the publishers of the magazine Advertising Age from the publishers of Creativity magazine

What to watch for when analyzing ads a handout from class in January 2003
Sherri's New York City Photos

From Sonia Maasik and Jack Solomon, editors of Signs of Life:

Perhaps our first principle could be more succinctly phrased, "everything is connected," and our second simply summarized as "question authority."  Think of them that way if it helps.  Or just ask yourself whenever you are interpreting something, "what's going on here?"  In short, question everything.  And one more reminder: Signs are like weather vanes; they point in response to invisible historical winds.  We invite you now to start looking at the weather.  (19)


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