Sherri Winans
Whatcom Community College
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Class, Classrooms, and Community Base:
How Does Who We Are and Where We Teach Influence How We Teach Writing?
Convention of the Conference on College Composition and Communication, 17 March 2001, Denver

Donna Qualley, Complicating Class Assumptions: Theirs and Mine
Madolyn Nichols, The Question(s) Of Non-Traditional Students: An Instructor Mulls Over Multicultural Rhetoric
Lisa Bernhagen, Defining Real World Writing as a Political Act
Victoria Arthur, Colleagues as Context: When Our Colleagues Read Our Students' Writing . . . and Our Teaching
Brian Patterson, Negotiating Between the Pedagogy: Learning To Be Permeable
Wendy Olson, Working-Class Academic: Addressing Language, Power, and Privilege in the Classroom
Sherri Winans, From Part-Time to Tenured Faculty at a Two-Year College: Entering the Conversation from the Margin


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Sherri Winans, Whatcom Community College, Bellingham, WA