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By English 201 Students

Essay 1: Literacy and Home

Brody Hazan's Mightier Than the Pen  Fall 2003
James Hardesty's Blackbirds Fly With Cowboys  Fall 2003
Erin Runciman's Who Turns the Wheels in my Head?  Fall 2003
Lee Zeidner's Off the Lip  Fall 2003
Luna Cottrell-Scott's In This Place  Fall 2003
David Laws' The Wall  Fall 2002
Melody Williams' The Journal  Fall 2002
Miranda Myers Barker's In Me  Fall 2002
Barbara Boothby's And I Will Smile, Too
Beth Owens' But I Didn't Know How to be Different
Kelly J. Pederson's Reading, Writing, Knowing
Matthew Ridge's Learning to Fly
Rebecca Hakiel's The Essence of Writing
Tanya Dubnow's Making Sense of Me
Sharon Freeberg's On Being a Blood

Essay 2--Language Issues

Sarah Wilson's Something to Talk About: A Story of Family Communication  Fall 2003
Matthew Strawn's Lost in Translation: A Paper  Fall 2003
David Laws' Of Laughing Dogs, Signs, and the Use of Symbols  Fall 2002
Barbara Boothby's Haunted by Names
Tanya Dubnow's Does Anyone Remember Rebecca?
Brian Mapes' A Two-Party System Is No Party At All
Karen Hartsfield's A Chair with a View
Will Borego's Pieces of You

Essay 3--Our Interests and Questions

Luna Cottrell-Scott's One Story of Family  Fall 2003
Sarah Wilson's I'm Sad Because I Can't Sleep! The Link Between Insomnia and Depression Fall 2003
Ethel Kitching's Clowns and Corpses  Fall 2003
David Laws' Hit or Myth: In Search of Modern Classics  Fall 2002
Kelly McHale's Hooked on a Feeling  Fall 2002
Sharon Freeberg's The Ice Water King and Other Tales of Woe
Ramona Stimson's Celiac Disease and Me
Tanya Dubnow's Woes and Ailments and Neurocardiogenic Syncope
Karen Hartsfield's Enquiring Minds Want to Know

Essay 4--Technology and Communication

Megumi Osawa's Electronic Letters and Hand Written Letters  Fall 2003
Sarah Wilson's The Perfect Spot Fall 2003
Brody Hazan's The Greatest Gift  Fall 2003
Matthew Strawn's Why I Hate Online Communication: A Rationalization   Fall 2003
Ashley Marshall's Perfect Image  Fall 2002
Miranda Myers Barker's Thinking With Our Menubars  Fall 2002
Daniel Ludeman's World-Wide Information  Fall 2002
Valerie Chin's Generation Technology  Fall 2002
Sherri Winans' Why [Not] Write Online in English 201?  Fall 2002


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