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Essays by Writers in English 101

Winter 2014
Ellen Carroll, The Uncommon Tongue

Matt Hoogestraat, Societal Chameleons: Our Ever-Evolving Personas

Fall 2011
Jessica Bee,  Deeper Around
Kaia Matheny, Parenting, Argument, Awareness, and Education
Caroline Boncan, The Endless Struggle

Olivia Ohls, We Have a Winner
Sarah Fowler, When He Called Her She

Fall 2010
Tim Greene, Shopping in the Name of Love
Jordan Harvey, C
utting Through the Clutter to Make it Back “Home
Jordan Harvey, Special Project: The Clutter Crisis and Her Demons

Spring 2007
Ashley Sweatland,
The Hidden Messages of Advertisements: The Pressures of the Superficial
Ashley Sweatland, Bullying or Makeover? The Dangerous Messages of the Makeover Shows
Ying Ju Lai, Two Versions, Two Myths
Alan Wheeler, Post No Bills!
Alan Wheeler, I'm Not Ticklish

Prior to 2007
Suzanne Ostlund, Wedding Ring Bondage
Crystal Smith, Promoting Propel
Kat King, In a Photograph
oug Koloszy, Look What They Did With Water


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