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Essays by Students in English 100

Chloe Riggs  Back Then: My Ode to Public Education

Jennifer Pham  Alternative High Schools
Amanda McElroy  Breaking the Habit: Getting Excited About School
K. Peirce Evolving from a Blue Collar Society
K. Peirce Cool Mommy (in-class)
Mindy Hatton  Everyone Is Intelligent (in-class)

Out-of-class Essays
Dani McFadden  An Average Joe
Josť Manchego A Role Model and a Mentor  
Joel Vande Hoef  Turned Off to School  
Beeta Pourseyed  A Change of Life
Lisa Mackie  What I Really Learned in School
Ashleigh Puttrese  Monotony
Abundio Ramirez  My Inspiration to Learn
Joe Hebert  How I Became Interested in Reading

Melody Philips  Welfare or Work?  
Norma Mata  Family Language 
Sirena Baer  A Glimpse in the Mirror


You may direct any responses to these essays to Sherri at  I will forward any feedback to the writers.  Please be sure to identify the essay and/or writer.  Thanks!


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