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Welcome to Sophia's Home Page! There are three types of ESL programs at Whatcom Community College in Bellingham, Washington.  


The Intensive English Language Program-- intensive courses in grammar, reading, writing, oral communication.  For more information, go to Courtenay Chadwell-Gatz's FAQ.




The Academic ESL Program-- support courses for international and immigrant students in degree programs
ESL 97 4-03
For students' comments, click here.
For Kawai Juku students' comments, click here.



The ESL Immigrant/Refugee Program--free classes for adult immigrants in reading/writing, listening/speaking, computer skills, and family literacy.  For more information, go to the ESL Program web page.  If you would like to be a classroom volunteer, click here.

ESL 11B 4-03


For more information about continuing academic ESL studies after high school, go to Continuing ESL in College.

Here is my schedule. Please feel free to email me at for more information.   I look forward to hearing from you! 

2009-2010 Schedule

ESL 41   MWF       9:30-11:30am

ESL lab (fall)   MW 11:30-12:30pm

ESL 86(winter) MW 11:30-12:30pm

ESL 36(spring) MW 11:30-12:30pm

ESL 43/53/63 F      11:30-1:30pm

ESL 10/20/30 TTh  9:30-11:00am
ABE 68 & 70 TTh  11:30-12:30pm

Office Hours M&T 12:30-1:30pm and by appointment
Office Location Cascade Hall, room 154A
Office Phone 383-3553 (direct line)

383-3060 (program office)



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