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Office hours: By appointment (or stop by, I'm usually around before class)
Office: LDC 215
Phone: (360) 383-3759
E-mail: (NOTE: from ON campus, you might need to retype this to get it to work; and notice the lack of the final "n" in my name)


History 147: US 1815-1900  MWF 8-9:25 am
Pol Sci 202: American Government Tu, Th 1:30-3:50pm
Pol Sci 202: American Government ONLINE
NOTE: Syllabus and all links are on Moodle for face-to-face classes and on Angel for the online classes.  I hope to have a new website in the near future!
Fall 2011 Classes
PE 126: Intro to Hiking, Section B See OASIS for dates In the woods and the mts
History 148 US 1900 to Present 


A: MWF 8-9:25 a.m.

C: MW 130-350 p.m.

A: LDC 211

C: BKR 105

History 215: Women in Am Hist MWF 930-1055 a.m. LDC 211

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