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Internships/Cooperative Education

Welcome to the world of Experiential Learning.  I offer to guide and broker your entrance into this field of discovery and even to mentor you in some areas.   Experiential Learning AKA Work-Based Learning and Service Learning are encapsulated under the general category of Internships/Cooperative Education here at Whatcom Community College.   I will assist or facilitate your way toward an appropriate career-relevant or life relevant field placement.

       Students, in general, retain a percentage of learning through the following methods:

Hearing Auditory

13% of data with 80% distortion

Seeing and Hearing

22% retention of data

Experience and doing

82% retention of data


91% retention of data


Therefore Experiential and Cooperative Learning are critical elements of your successful educational process.  My philosophy of student development is to empower students to develop skills that will carry them successfully through the many changes in their lives and careers after college. See the Whatcom Community College Mission Statement where you'll find the Affirmation of Inclusion.  Cooperative Education serves as the integration place for the Core Learning Abilities listed as Essential Learnings by the College.

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