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Cafe Owner Arles by Vincent VanGogh
Art 106 NW Native American Art
Art 107 World Art
Art 108 Museum Field Trips
Art 150 History of Photography
Art 203 Ancient to Medieval Art
Art 205 Modern Art
Personal Info
Participation Self-Evaluation Forms
Museum and Gallery List
Writing Tips
MLA Works Cited and Citations
WCC Abilities
What's Up in Art?
Writing Errors to Avoid

NOTE to students:  I hope you have been staying healthy. However, if you have the swine flu
or a serious or contagious illness, please stay home.  I have put all the class PowerPoint presentations
on this website, linked to your class Handouts page, so that whenever you miss class, you can go back
and look through the PowerPoints you missed, perhaps while you read through your book, so you are
 clear about the major ideas we discussed in class. Of course, it is a good idea to review these PPTs
even if you do attend every class.

In the event of school closure,  I will expect you to watch and read them at home in lieu of class. 
 When school reopens, we won't be able to go over all those lessons again in class and you will be
 responsible for knowing the main information from those chapters and PPTs on the upcoming tests. 
 If you have questions as you watch the PowerPoints (or read your book), feel free to email me
 @  I will try to respond quickly with answers to your questions.

I hope nothing interferes with your academic progress toward graduation (or life in general).  Again,
please contact me if you have any questions or concerns:


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